Brewers at the Break

The Milwaukee Brewers started the 2014 season with one of the best records in baseball. Four All-Stars, a deep bullpen and solid starters helped them finish first in the Central Division at the break. Here’s a look at some of their first-half stats.

Ryan Braun

Jabari Parker

Thoughts on the 2014 NBA Draft

Bird and Magic. One of the greatest 1-2 drafts in history. Both went on to greatness, both lead their teams to championships. If you believe the hype, Andrew Wiggins & Jabari Parker are the next Bird & Magic.

I don’t believe the hype.

13 Months

One year. A lot happens in 365 days. I’ve documented it a few times in photographs, and I love seeing everything that happens within that span. Still, I’m always game to try something new So when a former coworker told me about an app that takes a one-second video each day and combines them, I decided to give it a try.

1 Second everyday

Photo by Marques Stewart via Flickr.

Thoughts on the 2014 NFL Draft

It’s NFL draft day. While I no longer spend the entire weekend watching the draft and discussing my picks, I still have thoughts on some players and my favorite teams. Because nobody asked, here they are.

Who’s the best QB in the draft?

Map of Madison outdoor activities

I put together a map of Madison outdoor activities – cross-country ski trails, snowshoeing and ice skating rinks – from the City of Madison page. Each location has detailed information including address, hours and contact information, where applicable.