Tips and Thoughts from Project 365 – A Photo a Day 3

One picture every day for a year. It sounds difficult. What can you find to photograph for 365 days?

I did not know what would fill my lens each day when a pair of friends suggested the idea late last year. I did decide to join the, and on Sunday I posted my final picture online.

Over the year we each had some struggles, but all three of us completed the goal. Joining me were Tiffany from Peanut Blossom and Zina from After we completed our journey, I asked each for their advice for anyone who might try Project 365 in 2011. We each came up with a few thoughts.

Do P365 with friends. All of us agree that the only way we were able to accomplish our goal is thanks to our friends pushing each other.

You will hit a wall, fight through it. For me it didn’t come until September, but everything was so crazy and the desire to snap a photo so low that I thought I would just quit. Friends helped as did my own stubbornness. Be prepared to hit a wall, and try to have some idea how to overcome.

Embrace disaster. I had a couple photos that just didn’t turn out, and they were the only photos I took that day. Two examples First one that the aperture was set wrong, another where I forgot to turn on the auto focus. If you have any Photoshop skills, play with the shots and see what you can do to make them passable. I enjoyed this challenge almost as much as the photo a day.

Take your camera everywhere. After the first couple of weeks you won’t even think twice about whipping it out in public.

Some Favorites:
Outdoor Hockey – covered lots of sports and always had my camera.
This Old House – tramping around in the woods provided some of my favorite shots.
Disheartened jack-o-lanterns – some people’s garbage…

Jason’s full P365 set.

I guess for me Project 365 was more an emotional investment than a creative one. When you are forced to find something worth photographing Every Single Day, you have to spend a little time looking for beauty and happy things no matter how down you are. It is part of what saved me during several rough patches this year.

Setting as few rules on yourself as possible (no set themes or deadlines) just focus on one photo every day. That’s the only way I got through.

Some favorites:
Forced myself to document fall color because I had no ‘changing of the seasons’ images.

Taken with a cellphone because it is what i had with me. Never would have pulled the car over if it weren’t for this project.

Learning to rock my point and shoot.

Forcing myself to find the good in 2 months of AWFUL.

View Tiffany’s full 365 set.

The best part of doing Project 365 is it forces you to notice the simple beauty that constantly surrounds us.  You might catch…

Something as simple and as beautiful as the rain.

The generally unnoticed thoughtful act of another person.

A beautiful skyline which you normally would have ignored.

The best camera is the one you have with you.  Don’t skip this project because everyone around you has a SLR and you have a point and shoot.  Having fancy lens definitely increases the way one can be creative, but the true component making a photograph artistic is often composition. Composition is what often evokes emotion from the viewer.  Anyone can play with composition!  Take a new perspective and play, play, play.

Some Favorites:

One of my favorite shots from 2010 has lots of technical errors, but the point of view saves the photograph.

Also, don’t underestimate the tricks you can achieve with your point and shoot.

View Zina’s full P365 set.

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