DUFF 2012: Choose Our Adventure

Winter in Wisconsin. Usually filled with sub-zero temperatures and heavy crystallized precipitation, this year has felt nearly tropical. Heaters relax and seldom run. Vehicles are mostly clean and saltless. Frosty’s lifespan would be short in 2012.

Despite the relatively mild temperatures, a weekend on the couch in front of the television is still in order before all the white stuff is gone. Thus it’s time again for the Digital Ubiquitous Film Festival – DUFF for short.

For those playing along at home – which is the point – DUFF is an online film festival. Participants suggest movies available on Nexflix Streaming. The schedule is posted on this site the week of DUFF. Attendees watch the films in the comfort of their own homes and discuss via social media.

DUFF is in its third year and runs February 10-12.  However, DUFF needs film submissions to succeed.  What flicks are in your Netflix queue that you want to enjoy with others? What independent film or documentary did you miss at your local film festival that you’ve needed an excuse to watch? Submit your entries by Monday, February 6 at 6 p.m. The  schedule will be available on this site February 7.  We tend to focus on smaller-budget films, but try to find something for everyone.

You can submit entries in the comments section of this post or through Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to request a general time for the film as well (ex Friday late evening).

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