Celebrating Screen-Free Week

I admit, I am easily distracted.

If you know me, this is not a shocking statement. Conversations with friends often derail and points are forgotten. I’m usually doing five things at once. While writing this paragraph, I’ve check my email, updated my WordPress install and messaged some friends via Facebook.

This is part of the reason when a friend reminded me that Screen-Free Week (also know as Digital Detox Week) starts tomorrow, I decided to join in. Often I’ll plan to work on projects after work, only to be distracted by a movie, Facebook and instant messaging. For one week I plan to harness my focus.

So what is Scree-Free Week? Initially called TV Turn-Off week, the concept was simple – turn off the television to focus on other projects. It’s evolved to taking a break from all screens – computer, social media, etc. From the 2011 website:

Take a week to cut back on digital stimulation as much as you can. The goal is not to dwell on the pitfalls of our electronic devices but to reflect on ourselves. And who knows, if the magic begins to creep back into your life, the digital detox may never end.

This year Screen-Free Week runs from April 30-May 6. How you participate varies by individual. My plan is to unplug my television, take a week off from Facebook, and limit my personal online time to 30 minutes a day. I plan to spend some time in front of my computer to write and learn, but will keep the wireless turned off.

I hope to focus more on individual projects and production more than consumption. Some plans I have for the week:

  • Read.  I have a number of library books checked out. Time to get them back.
  • Write, dammit. Turning off my wireless and turning my computer into a typewriter. I have a few blog posts to compose and some short stories to edit.
  • Have a beer with friends and people I’ve never met
  • Compose a musical
  • Exercise
  • Learn something new. Work on my video editing skills, refresh my HTML or something else fun.

Care to join me? Drop a comment on how you plan to spend your free time.

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