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Hey you! Yes, YOU! It’s been a while since we’ve hung out. Or maybe we’ve never met and just conversed over the Internet. Either way, we should grab a beer.

There are a bunch of friends I have not seen in way too long. There are individuals I’ve communicated with via Twitter and other sites that I know, but have never met. That is why I’m declaring the month of May “Let’s Grab a Beer Month.”

While my weekends are mostly booked, I am free during the week. I’ll be at various events during Craft Beer Week May 4-13. Also with warmer weather forecast, who doesn’t want to sit outside and drink a Spotted Cow at the Terrace or another downtown bar?

So join me for a drink in May. You can contact me through the comments of this post, my Facebook or Twitter pages, or you can find my email address on the About Page of this site. I hope to see or meet you soon!

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