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DUFF 14 Film FestivalThe headlines over the past two months are depressing:

“Snow, snow and more snow!”

“Coldest winter in decades. Average January temp: -8 degrees.”

“Polar Vortex 5 hits the Midwest.”

Some winters are bad. This year is brutal. Since we’re all stuck inside anyway, why not watch some movies?

It’s time to pick the films for DUFF14.

DUFF is the stay-at-home film festival where we pick the lineup. Submissions are open now until February 9. The itinerary will be posted on the 11th, and February 14-16 we watch movies and discuss via social media.

Movies must be available on Netflix streaming, so we can all watch them together, no matter where you are. Also, DUFF tends to shy away from blockbusters towards more independent-style films, but suggest whatever you think would be fun. To nominate films for DUFF, either comment on this post, message me on Facebook, or hit me up on Twitter. I look forward to watching and discussing movies with you.


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3 thoughts on “DUFF14 – the choice

  • Sean

    SIGHTSEERS, the latest from the director of the divisive-on-Dane101 wifilmfest selection KILL LIST. I watched it this past weekend during my Flu-a-Thon, aka DUFF South, and it’s a winner.

  • Adam Schabow

    Five Extremely Underrated Movies

    Dead Bang with Don Johnson
    State and Main – in honor of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    Alligator with Robert Forster
    Without a Clue with Michael Caine and Ben Kinsley
    The Intruder with William Shattner