DUFF 15 Wrap-up

The 2015 version of the Digital Ubiquitous Film Festival (DUFF) is in the books. Over 30 films were suggested for the three-day festival. Fifteen were chosen as official selections (full schedule). I thoroughly enjoyed each one, and here are my Best of Show films.

Best Feature: Nebraska.
This heartwarming heartland story was both my favorite feature and top overall film. Well acted and written, I can see why this film was an Academy Award nominee in 2014. Funny and heartwarming. A film I’ll watch again.

Feature runner up: Liberal Arts.
Movies with well-written dialogue get me every time (see Nebraska). Some likely view Liberal Arts as just another lame rom-com, but I enjoyed the rapport between the main characters. Also amused that the main love interest throughout appeared to be literature.

Best Documentary: Video Games: The Movie.
This was a tough decision, but in the end I went with the one I enjoyed most from a pure fun perspective. As a lifelong gamer, Video Games: The Movie felt like a film crafted directly for me. An enjoyable stroll down memory lane.

Documentary runner up: The Overnighters.
If I chose this winner on what was the best overall film, The Overnighters would likely be my choice. This story of a minister who tries to help and house homeless people near the growing North Dakota oil fields, while battling his own demons is powerful and extremely well captured narrative.

Three others to watch:

Knights of Badassdom. A tale of LARPing that goes astray when one character accidentally summons a demon.

The One I Love. A couple gets away for a weekend to work on their marriage. What they find at their destination could change their lives forever.

Pontypool. Strange things are happening in a small town in Canada, and a DJ tries to piece together the mystery.

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