Badger Basketball 2015: Multitudinous Fun

I remember watching the game with my father. It was a snowy day at Lambeau Field, and the Green Bay Packers were playing the Seattle Seahawks for a trip to the NFC Championship game. Brett Favre and the Packers were controlling the game. That is when it happened.

After a touchdown pass, the cameras showed Favre reach down, pack some snow and throw it at wide receiver Donald Driver. I loved Favre as a player, mostly because I had never seen anyone have as much fun playing a game as he did. Until this year.

badger-photo-boothThe Wisconsin Badgers basketball team beat expectations in 2014 and made it to the Final Four, where they eventually lost to Kentucky. In 2015, they returned all but one player from that team, and were considered a likely candidate to make a championship run. Faced with the pressure and national scrutiny, the Badgers did the unthinkable. They became the funnest team in sports.

The Badgers remain loose throughout the 2015 NCAA Tournament, joking with media and each other. Forward Nigel Hayes and Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky lead most shenanigans, but it truly is a team effort. Their comradery make the 2015 Badgers special. They are college kids, having fun with friends and playing together at an elite level.

No matter how far they advance throughout the rest of the tournament, they will be the most fun team I have ever watched. Here are some example why I love this team:

Hayes kicks things off by using some big words during a press conference.

Then at the next conference gets embarrassed when he doesn’t realize his mic is on.

The Badgers enjoy video games, and their locker room battles occasionally spill out into press conferences.

At a press conference after Kaminsky won the Player of the Year award, the first two questions came from his teammates. The team booed when a Wisconsin State Journal reporter asked the third question.

Kaminsky showed off his dance skills before the season even started.

And proved his moves didn’t get any better during the tournament.

What are your favorite moments fun moments from the 2015 Badger basketball team? Post your thoughts, links or images in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter at @the_dean and let me know.

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