DUFF 2016 Film Submissions Now Open

DUFF16Winter. It’s cold, damp and no fun. A perfect opportunity for catching up on movies.

It’s nearly time again for the Digital Ubiquitous Film Festival (DUFF). The festival happens January 29-31, in your own, comfortable living room. However, we can’t hold the 2016 version without your film suggestions.

Nominate films in the form below, or on FilmDUFF.com.  DUFF focuses on independent films, avoiding popular big-budget flicks. Please keep that in mind when submitting. Also, all films must be on Netflix streaming.

For those unfamiliar with DUFF, the concept is simple: You nominate films, we watch them together using Netflix over three cold, winter days – January 29-31. We discuss the films on social media, using #DUFF16. Submissions are accepted until January 20, and the schedule published a few days later.

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