My top 5 for the Brewers in the 2016 MLB Draft

groomeThe first round of the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft is today. The Brewers pick fifth, which is the highest they have drafted since 2005, when they selected Ryan Braun.

There’s no real consensus at the top of the draft this year. Multiple individuals are mentioned for the top overall pick. It’s hard to know exactly who will be available when the Brewers select. Here are my top five who I would like to see them take at #5 if available.

  1. Jason Groome, LHP. Groome is considered by many as the top player in the draft. So why do I still think he’ll be around when the Brewers select? Major League teams are afraid to draft high school pitchers too high. While they offer tremendous upside, they also present considerable risk. There is a high likelihood Groome will still be available when the Brewers select, and if he is, he would be my top choice. Groome has three better-than average pitches already with a fastball in the mid 90s. General Manager David Stearns has shown he likes young players, and is not afraid of risk. Assuming they can sign him, I think Groome is the Brewers best pick if available.
  2. Randy Pint, RHP. Like Groome, Pint is a talented high school pitcher (see the concerns above). The right-hander from Kansas has a blistering fastball that can reach 102mph. He also has an array of secondary pitches, which will help him advance through the minors.
  3. Kyle Lewis, OF. Lewis is an all-around outfielder, who projects as a center fielder. He has a nice mix of speed, power and hitting. His biggest knock is he plays for a small school (Mercer), but he batted .395 with 20 HR and 72 RBI.
  4. Corey Ray, OF. Ray is a solid contributor for Louisville, batting .320 with 15 HR. He has looked solid over the past two seasons, and has cut down on strikeouts. Great all-around skill set.
  5. Nick Senzel, 3B. Stearns isn’t the kind of general manager to draft for need, but 3B is one of the weakest positions in the Brewers’ system.  Senzel batted .352 at Tennessee this year and showed some power as well. Could be in the majors quickly.

One of these players – if not multiple – will be available when the Brewers pick. I’m excited to see what Stearns & Co. do with the selection. I am just arm-chair pitching, so it is possible they go a completely different direction.  Whomever they take, I trust Stearns and what he is doing to rebuild the Brewers, and can’t wait to see what kind of talent he acquires.

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