So, what’s new? (2017 edition)

“Stagnation is something worse than death” – William Gilmore Simms.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this page. This doesn’t mean I’m not doing. Actually, it’s the opposite. I am busy with new and old projects, some that come with major life changes. Here are some details.

Last year I wanted to do something creative – or as a friend used to put it, “art for fuck sake.”  I started The goal was to mix poetry and photography for a year. There were times it was difficult at times, but I enjoyed the process and am proud I completed it. Looking forward to a version 2.0 sometime in the future.

I also shook up my life to follow a dream. In August, I gave up my lease to become a nomad. I’m currently in Washington D.C., working from coffee shops as I travel the world. To complement my travels, a started a new travel website (which long-time readers of this page will know the name of), called Follow the site or follow any of the social media to learn more.

I went to 42 concerts in a 15-month period. Finishing up a big writing project around that, but until then, here are some of the bands.

I have plenty more projects in the works. Some sooner, others later. I’ll do my best to include them all here. I’m a little worried about one of my annual projects (DUFF), but will try to find a Netflix-enabled television in whatever town I find myself in to continue this tradition. More to come soon on all adventures.

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