About the Author

Jason Dean (JD) is a digital journalist, hacker and data exploiter for Madison.com. He posts a lot of random thoughts here, as well as tools and tips for digital journalists. His work has appeared in The Capital Times, 77 Square, Slashdot, and CNN. He is a former Online Producer for the Beloit Daily News and Editor for Dane101.com.

JD is a web designer.  He has created multiple web entities since first learning HTML over a decade ago.  Today he’s learning Python, and creating websites for fun and profit in his free time.  A revised gallery coming soon.

JD is a geek.  He enjoys Star Wars, video games, writing, board games and technology. He is also a beer snob, and loves a pint of a good ale.

JD is a a photographer. His work has been featured in the Beloit Daily News, Dane101, Lifehacker and various websites. In 2010 he completed Project365 – a photo a day.

JD is doing more with video. Check out his YouTube page.

JD is a 2-time recipient of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (2006 and 2011).

JD is always trying something new. Current projects include creating a beer-recipe website, drone journalism, and film editor/director of photography. If you’d like to work with him on something he can be reached at j at the-dean.com.