DUFF 1016 – Announcing the Films

Half the country was snowed in last weekend. This coming weekend, you’ll stay inside by choice. No, not because it’s cold, snowy and winter. Rather, because DUFF 2016 starts Friday. DUFF is the stay-at-home film festive. You can participate without leaving your couch.

DUFF 2016 Film Submissions Now Open

It’s nearly time again for the Digital Ubiquitous Film Festival (DUFF). The festival happens January 29-31, in your own, comfortable living room. However, we can’t hold the 2016 version without your film suggestions.

Bo Ryan steps down as Badger basketball coach

My roommate picked up a college basketball preview magazine the year Bo Ryan was hired. Like most years Ryan coached, the Badgers were picked to finish in the middle or bottom of the Big 10. While I don’t remember the quote verbatim, I recall the spirit of it. When asked how he planned to compete in a tough Big 10 conference that year, Ryan said…

Random thoughts on the 2015 NFL Draft

It’s NFL draft day. A way-too-over-hyped day which teams draft players who will be with their teams for four years until their rookie contracts run out and the go elsewhere for too much money. I can’t get enough of it. My thoughts on what the Packers should do, and who I like.

Badger Basketball 2015: Multitudinous Fun

The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team beat expectations in 2014 and made it to the Final Four, where they eventually lost to Kentucky. In 2015, they returned all but one player from that team, and were considered a likely candidate to make a championship run. Faced with the pressure and national scrutiny, the Badgers did the unthinkable. They became the funnest team in sports.